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Verbal Ham Radio (VHR) was spawn in 2014 and is recorded every couple weeks. This podcast, recorded in San Diego, California, is hosted by Boice, who has been a huge music, sports and talk radio fan for decades. Keyser always has a hot take on any topic and Big Rick Mad has them covered in world travel and basketball. No holds barred when these three get together. You'll hear them spewing out Verbal Ham on everything music, sports, video games, entertainment, politics, comedy and trying to produce parody bits if time permits. There will be games and trivia that may include small cash/gift card and sticker prize packages for winners. So listen and email your answers to verbalhamradio@gmail.com. Are you an indie musician, indie band, or artist that is looking for a platform to be introduced on? Hit us up so we can promote you! Subscribe in iTunes, Google Play, Overcast, favorite us in TuneIn radio and Stitcher or wherever you listen to podcasts. Follow @verbalhamradio #VHR on Twitter and Instagram

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?On Android devices?

  1. Bookmark VHR's site in your browser

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  3. Long-press any empty space to get the “Add to Home Screen” menu

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Newer Android devices (*Disclaimer*)

  1. Navigate to VHR's site site in Chrome

  2. Then do whatever TF a DROID device needs..... We dont use them

  3. :-P


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e-Mail us (we Double-Dare, Physical Challenge you) at verbalhamradio@gmail.com

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