Imitation is the highest form of flattery

in an email to Boice…

imitation.. that's hilarious.  so anyone that does a podcast is now copying you? do you also know that there are several other San Diego indie podcasts? all copying Boices original podcast idea? of course you don't.  you have no idea what you're doing.  you claim to be an independent music show but what do you really do for the artists?  we actually work with artists on recording VR performances in closed and live setups. the podcast interviews are just part of it. and we are partnering with other podcasts to bring more 360 VR performances. what have you done?  record 1 artist at your house 3 years ago?  we have recorded several so far in various locations and venues. we haven't even posted everything we have yet.  we're just getting started with original content.    If I was copying you I would have stopped at the domain registration.  I don't even consider you competition. you can't keep up with us.  I challenge you to even try.     

 oh and as far as the EoM beat goes.  EoM sent that to us personally to use for the show.  we didn't download it off his soundcloud page.  but congrats on your show not making any progress in what 4 years?  round of applause!   but we're copying you right?  lol

signed a former co-host

  • This email was in response to an IG post from Boice, who is blocked by the writer

  • Excuse the punctuation, this is copied from the original email

  • VHR is aware we didn’t invent podcasting or the idea to focus on indie music; we also know previous hosts didn’t have the idea to podcast or had the indie topic until being a part of VHR.

  • Other indie music podcasts here in SD and elsewhere (that we are fully aware of) came after VHR was created, one out of NY even uses Ham in the name. Pure coinsidence I’m sure.

  • EoM was booked by Boice, and told by EoM (while Boice drove him to the show), you can use any track of mine, anytime. All music has been purchased.

  • Writer’s podcast has 6 recordings in 12 months - real go getters!

  • VHR has interviewed multiple chart topping artists, the creator of KROQ’s Love Line, an adult starlett and a Non-Commissioned Sergeant from our United States Army.

  • Writer bought same Ibanez Accoustic Electric; just a different color (after seeing and connecting Boice’s to his Xbox and Rocksmith), then denied ever seeing Boice’s

  • No need for VHR to keep up when old hosts are still trying to catch up; or copy…

San Diego Podcast - Verbal Ham Radio

We just wanted to remind anyone reading this, if you follow us on #Twitter or IG @verbalhamradio, then we follow you and then you unfollow us, well that's just #Bitchmade and we will unfollow too. Other than that, thanks for listening to our jaded San Diego podcast. Huge shout out to our listeners in Tokyo Japan, Ashburn Virginia, Germany and of course our listeners here in San Diego! Thank you all. Email us at to talk trash, give props, email show topic ideas or a new band or artist you want us to play. 

Google Play Podcast Portal

Coming sometime in 2016, our San Diego Podcast, Verbal Ham Radio (VHR) will be available in the Google Play Podcast Portal! Google has finally added the podcast world to their extensive list of technological ventures. We know they will do just fine. We here at Verbal Ham Radio are excited to have our podcast already submitted into their team for review and have all of our 31 shows published and ready for the launch of the Podcast Portal. So if you haven't jumped on the Verbal Ham Radio bandwagon yet because you don't use iTunes being your a Droid user, fear not, we are coming to a platform you will use; or do already use. So come join the VHR Hoodlum Clan listener base and grace your ears with our verbal ham. Until then, you can still use this site to enjoy our show. Just click on Listen from the Home page. Cheers!!! Thanks for listening!

Show Changes

As of 05-04-2015 Sandman has decided to no longer be a part of Verbal Ham Radio. He stated that he will have too much going on this summer and figures he wouldn't have time for the show. Junki and I will still continue to do the show when he is available. Otherwise VHR will record with whomever we feel might be interesting; like the Gunnie who joins us from time to time.   Make sure you are out visting the sites, buying the music and supporting all the artists we promote on the show. If you've missed an interview, go back and give one a listen. 

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