Google Play Podcast Portal

Coming sometime in 2016, our San Diego Podcast, Verbal Ham Radio (VHR) will be available in the Google Play Podcast Portal! Google has finally added the podcast world to their extensive list of technological ventures. We know they will do just fine. We here at Verbal Ham Radio are excited to have our podcast already submitted into their team for review and have all of our 31 shows published and ready for the launch of the Podcast Portal. So if you haven't jumped on the Verbal Ham Radio bandwagon yet because you don't use iTunes being your a Droid user, fear not, we are coming to a platform you will use; or do already use. So come join the VHR Hoodlum Clan listener base and grace your ears with our verbal ham. Until then, you can still use this site to enjoy our show. Just click on Listen from the Home page. Cheers!!! Thanks for listening!

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